Senior Placement Hotline

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Quality Service for Seniors with Assisted Living and Residential Care Needs

Senior Placement Hotline provides assisted living and in-home care placement services throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our professionals will guide you through every step of the process and will match the needs of your loved one. If you are working within a particular budget, we will help negotiate the rates that you pay. Contact us for caring and professional service today.


Assisted Living Placement Professionals

Senior Placement Hotline (SPH) is the premier provider of Free Quality Referrals to meet the increasing demand for elderly care, assisted living and in-home care.

SPH provides world class customer service during all phase of service delivery providing referrals for assisted living, residential care facilities, and in-home care for the elderly. 

SPH performs an in-depth analysis of each senior’s requirements, carefully matching the client requirements with facilities’ amenities and service while taking into consideration budgets and family proximity.

SPH is a comprehensive service with information on over 3000 community resources, facilities and providers offering a friendly, free, quality, and easy way to find the help you need.

SPH provides families a personalized assessment and make recommendation for the best senior care and will help you choose a facility.  

Find a "Home Sweet Home" for Your Loved One Today!